Join us for Girls Just Wanna Weekend 3!
February 3-7, 2021
Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya and Sister Resort UNICO 20°87°

What is a Pre-Book?

A Pre-Book is a $250 deposit that guarantees you a room at Girls Just Wanna Weekend 3, as long as you redeem your Pre-book during room selection this Spring.

One $250 deposit per room (NOT per person) is required. Only one roommate should pre-book so be sure to coordinate with your friends and family.

All past Girls Just Wanna Weekend guests who purchase a Pre-book will have priority based on trip history when selecting room categories.

Girls Just Wanna Weekend 3 Pre-books Sold Out! What next? 

The Waitlist is now open to join. Should there be any availability, you will be contacted in the order in which you signed up for the Waitlist.

Things To Know

  • This is a PAID waitlist for the people who were unable to purchase a Pre-book during the Blind Faith Presale.
  • A $250 deposit is required to join.
  • Only ONE person in your group should join the Waitlist if you plan to share a room at Girls Just Wanna Weekend 3.
  • Please note, there are no single occupancy suites available.
  • Joining the Waitlist does not guarantee you a Pre-book or a room for Girls Just Wanna Weekend 3.
  • Waitlist deposits are non-transferrable.

Waitlist Cancellation Policy

  • Should there be no availability after the room selection dates, we will contact you to see if you would like to remain on the Waitlist for a room or have your deposit refunded.
  • If there is availability, you will be contacted in the order in which you signed up for the Waitlist. You will have 48 hours to convert your Waitlist Entry into a reservation or forfeit your deposit.
  • Should you remain on the Waitlist and no rooms become available by January 4, 2021, your waitlist entry will be cancelled and your deposit will be refunded.
  • If you have not be contacted for an available suite and wish to cancel your Waitlist deposit, you must do so in writing by contacting our Travel Team in order to receive a refund.

What Happens Next?

If You Have A Pre-Book

Now we wait! When full event details are announced this Spring, anyone with a Pre-book will be sent an email with more information containing a specific booking date and time to reserve a suite.

The $250 pre-book deposit will be applied towards your total reservation cost when you choose a room type and place your reservation.

If You Are On The Waitlist

If there are available rooms after people with pre-books place a reservation, we will email you a code to book a room at Girls Just Wanna Weekend 3 prior to the Public Onsale.

Pre-book Cancellation Policy

A $50 fee will be assessed for any cancellations prior to rooms being booked. As of the day rooms can be booked, the deposit becomes non-refundable. Pre-books are non-transferrable.